Set up new Domain and SSL

Step 1: Login to cscode cloud 1

Step 2: From left menu, click on Domains and select add domain(right side).

Select main domain, enter your domain name, select create www. subdomain, add directory name as your domain name. Refer the image below for more info.


Step 3: Now go to your domain registrar (ex. goDaddy, namecheap).

Delete old nameservers from nameservers section.

Add new nameservers.
And save the changes. 3

Step 4: Successfully added new domain. Now its time to add SSL Certificate. 4

Step 5: Click on the edit icon(right side of domain name) from options. 1

Step 6: Click on Security 1

Step 7: Select Let's Encrypt Certificate.

Enable enforce secure connection as shown in the image.

Enable includeSunDomain directive.

Enable Apply security settings to all subdomains.

Save the changes.


Step 8: Now you can see HTTP + HTTPS on the right side. 1

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